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Fonterra CCP CEA Settled

By nzdwu on November 29, 2013 in CEA Negotiations

The CCP document covers three sites – Te Roto Drive, Bridge Street and Collingwood Street.

A tad brighter outlook this year with all three sites having a positive future. Worker numbers up on two sites and positive outlook for future work , so a totally different scene from nine months ago.

Having the three site delegates as the negotiation team – Eileen Maxwell (Collingwood) Shane Stieller (Bridge) and Helen Rowe (Te Roto Drive) plus their deputy site delegates as observers – Karen Rudolf, Shelley Scown and Darren Anderson, gave us more depth with the knowledge that was brought to the table. All the team had also been to the Negotiating Skills seminar which is invaluable, as apart from Shane, all were new to negotiations and unsure of what the roles were, so to have the seminar before the negotiations was a great help to them all.

The deal is a two year deal:

First year – 1.5% on all wages and allowances plus a 0.5% cash payment of workers gross earnings wit no KPIs on bonus.

Second year – increase on all wages and allowances by CPI and a one off cash payment of 0.5% of a workers gross earnings, again with no KPIs on the payment. We also have an assurance from the companies to work on stores levels and the maintenance workers levels.

Some tidy ups to the document but NO claw backs. The document has been improved so that it helps workers now and in the future.

I would like to thank the team including Angus McConnell for their help and support throughout the entire process but also a huge thanks to the workers of all three sites for ratifying the agreement by 87%.

Thanks for your support.

Gavin Warne – Central Organiser

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