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The New Zealand Dairy Workers Union (DWU) is a trade union made up of over 7,500 workers in the Dairy Industry. We represent our members in lots of different ways and work hard to achieve great working conditions for them. We offer our members protection through things like Medical Insurance and our very own Superannuation Scheme that’s designed just for our Dairy Workers. Our network of trained and experienced delegates and organisers help us to look after our members on site everyday. On our website you can see what we’ve been up to lately, learn more about us, get help, find resources, join us and connect with us.


The key objectives for the DWU are:

  • To ensure fair wages and just conditions of work for members.
  • To assist in the development of co-operation between workers in the industry throughout New Zealand.
  • To promote the interests of members, workers and potential workers in relation to their conditions of employment, standard of living, quality of life, and economic, social, family community and cultural interests.
  • To co-operate and affiliate with and actively support other workers or workers organisations, both within New Zealand and internationally, whose aims and objectives are consistent with the interests of our members.
  • To establish and operate educational, charitable and welfare funds.
  • To do anything lawful that it may consider necessary or desirable to benefit from registration under the relevant Acts or to attain the Unions objectives.

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