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The DWU encourages membership representation at all decision making levels and is ultimately accountable to its members.

Members elect delegates to represent their interests in their workplace and within the Union. Delegates work closely with other delegates in the workplace, particularly the site delegate as well as organisers employed by the Union.

The DWU is divided into four main regions:

  • Northern Region – North Island north of Bombay Hills
  • Waikato Region – North Island north of Taupo and South of Bombay Hills including the Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay regions
  • Central North Island Region – North Island south of Taupo
  • Southern Region – the whole of the South Island

National Congress

National Congress is the highest DWU governing body and meets every year. It is the body that appoints the National Secretary and determines the direction of the Union. It comprises site delegates representing all sites (sites with under 10 members are grouped together and represented by a single delegate). The National President, National Vice President and National Secretary participate with the Assistant Secretary and the Organisers attending as observers. Members of the Runanga, Women’s Committee, Youth Committee, and Fono & Ethnic Minorities Committee also attend with voting rights.

National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the body responsible for managing the Union’s affairs in a financially prudent manner, and ensuring the decisions of the National Congress are carried out. The NEC meets every second month and includes the following:

  • The National President and National Vice-President. These office holders are elected from the membership by postal ballot.
  • Nine NEC members representing the four regions. NEC are members elected by ballots of the site delegates in each region on behalf of their members.
  • The Runanga/Fono and Women’s Committee convenors are elected by the Runanga/Fono and Women’s Committees.
  • The National Secretary. This paid official is appointed by the National Congress and is responsible for the day to day running of the Union.

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